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Olive Oil

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— olive oil —

Made with love in Italy


My groves are in Pian Di Ciliano facing Monte Cimino in an area that has special recognition by the EU for the protection of biodiversity. My organically grown and hand-harvested olive trees grow on a panoramic hilly slope of fertile soil, cool winters and warm arid summers. Above and surrounding me are the wooded mountains of oak and chestnut trees and the primarily volcanic soil is rich in minerals and nutritive elements. The olive tree varieties in my groves are Canino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, and predominantly Leccino.

Given the presence of the volcanic soil and favourable climatic conditions along with the blend of varieties allows for the production of excellent quality olive oil. My oil has a desirable peppery note and fruity aroma that distinguishes high quality extra virgin olive oil. 


Nanda's Olives

—  the process  —

Pressed with care


My olives are pressed and packaged at the Cooperativa Agricola Del Lavoro in the small town of Bomarzo. This town is well known for its olive oil, and the olive mill runs continuously day and night during peak season. The olives are collected at the appropriate time of ripeness (for producing higher quality, lower quantity oil) and quickly transported to the Cooperativa (nearby my groves) for pressing. At the Cooperativa, the olives are held to the highest inspection of quality before processing under strict standards. I favor this process as it means my organic, homegrown olives are pressed and packaged at a small business, locally run by an organization that has been producing oil on their press since 1888.

The frost of 2018 resulted in a smaller production of olives in our region. This means that my oil produced from this year's batch will be in high demand and there will be lower quantities produced. 
Shipping is available in the shop, but I can also provide local pick-up in Manhattan.